There’s a fellowship of young men of color banding together to heal and help heal others from trauma.

Apply to become a certified peer specialist through the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice.


Mental Health First Aid certification trainings free for anyone who lives, works or studies in Philly.

Get the skills to help people recognize signs of mental health challenges.


Taking deep, slow breaths relieves traumatic stress.

Check out Start2Heal breathing exercises.


Everyone needs a safe place where it’s OK2BU!

Make friends at the Attic, Philly’s only independent LGBTQ youth center.


The path to your healing—and your next job—may be written in HTML.

Launch a tech career, or just explore how the future works, at Hopeworks.


Follow your own path. 

Find yourself in Wissahickon Park and see how fresh air and meditation helps heal.


Erase the stigma. Mental health is for everyone.

Joseph J. Peters Institute offers free trauma healing therapy for teens in North Philly.


Wounds heal better in the open. Get trusted guidance when you need it the most.

Contact EMIR Healing Center.


Get out of the house. Get out of your head. The next move is all yours.

No gym fees. Philly Powered gives free options to fit fitness in.


Espresso yourself at The Monkey & The Elephant.

Great coffee. Great baristas. Great mission. 

HELP WANTED from Philly’s undertapped foster youth. Apply now.


Fight for justice for youth. Keep youth out of adult prisons and bring home “juvenile lifers.”

Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project provides the legal advocacy every child deserves.


Pick up some sticks for a better community. 

Take in the heartbeats of Positive Movement Entertainment and see how their drums heal.


Writing is therapeutic, a powerful way to heal and help heal others.

Meet other local writers at free monthly group meetups. Teen writers, try out different genres at Mighty Writers.


The act of making art helps soothe the soul.

Join artists and activists on the Kensington Storefront community healing project.

Tom Gralish for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Tom Gralish for The Philadelphia Inquirer

When the right support group doesn’t exist, help build one. 

Support the growing fraternity of paralyzed gunshot survivors. Show up for wheelchair basketball at the Carousel House.


Education + Job Training = Trauma Healing

Set up a brighter future at YouthBuild Philly.


Running is a natural combatant to stress and anxiety.

Join the Philadelphia BlackMenRun chapter. Or, if you’re a Philly middle school or high school student, join Students Run Philly Style.


Close your eyes, clear your mind and restore your spirit.

Free Yoga on Race Street Pier through November 12.


Make time to be around people who get it, and who get you.

Seek out places of healing like Uncle Bobbie’s in Germantown.


Music is the heartbeat of our culture. It’s how we relax, celebrate and get through hard times.

Check out the Sound of Conscious Hip Hop playlist on Spotify.


Find movies that motivate and inspire.

Meet up with other film lovers with the Black and Melaninated Film Group.


It’s never too late to heal through your own music making.  

Get started by checking out this handy list of free online music courses or, for middle and high school students, contact Rock to the Future to inquire about their free Mobile Music Workshops.


Exercise your freedom to choose leaders who represent all of us.

Learn about elections. Register to vote.


Reduce stress. Go outside. Meet new friends.

Get the latest schedule of We Walk PHL free walking groups.


Injustice itself is a form of trauma. Working to end it can help heal.

Sign the petition to fund more school counselors in Philly public schools.


“I wasn’t in jail, I was in Yale. I wasn’t in prison, I was in Princeton. I wasn’t in the state penn, I was in Penn State.”

See how Wallace Peeples has made positivity his personal brand. @Wallo267


Mindful exercises and positive affirmations can lead to better rest.

Help heal trauma while you sleep. Start with this podcast.


Plant seeds of hope and healing.

Try our your green thumbs at your local community garden.


Celebrate the personal. Tell your story of trauma healing.

Don’t miss First Person Arts Story Slams.


There’s something to laughing through the pain. And you don’t have to be a King (or Queen) of Comedy.

Release those endorphins that make us feel happy. Catch a free show at the Philly Improv Theater.


Philly families are making their Reading Promise to protect every child’s right to read.

Activism fuels healing. Join Read by 4th’s Parent Advisory Council. Open to all.


Our students need great teachers who reflect their own trauma healing.

Fellowship activists are tripling the number of Black male educators in our city.


The secret sauce to healing is sharing a good meal with the people we love.

Check out this recipe for family fun.


Get insights on trauma healing with eye-opening books.

Add to your reading list works by John Rich, Ken Hardy and Danielle Sered.


Tell your story through photos. Show everyone the world you see.

Join the Fairmount Photo Club for beginner shutterbugs with any kind of camera.


Help keep our children safe with free swimming lessons.

Sign up your child (K-6) for We Can Swim lessons on Penn’s campus.